poniedziałek, 30 września 2013

Do it up

Last day of holidays...
so Pumpkin Spice Latte
in Starbucks
to cheer myself up :3

Difficult year before me.
I start my PhD studies
and still have last year
of Culture management..

Pink it up :3

Shop it up :3

Shoes :3

sobota, 28 września 2013

Europeum and Chantilly

Yesterday I went with my best friend
to the new branch of  National Museum in Cracow-
which aim is to present European art.
Well, I was really disappointed...
the museum is small
and everything it organised without any creative ideas.
They decided to sort paintings depending 
on topic not epoch,
but they were not able to make a story from it
so it just leaded to a chaos...

The only interesting idea
was to distribute postcards with
different portraits.
People could vote for the one which they would like to see
as a representative of the museum :)

After the museum we went 
to the newly open cafe Chantilly
close to Wawel castle.

It is such a nice place
with perfect location
(you can look at the castle
when sitting there)
and yummy cakes.

It is all decorated by paintings 
of Dominika Stawarz-Burska-
polish artist whose paintings look
like taken from the child's dream.
Really perfect place to relax 
with a friend, cake and coffee :)

You can check more artist's works here.

niedziela, 22 września 2013

What I liked in Vienna

As I want to finish my Vienna post series
I will make one post about everything.
(or otherwise I would write about it for at least a few months xD)
So things I liked the best.
Not a report, but my fav list :)

1. Cameo, jewelry and gold decorations 
in Kunsthistorisches Museum

It looks like Lolita accessories xD

2. Bear museum
They were absolutely cute, their poses :3

3. Schonbrunn
Well, I absolutely fell in love with this place.
Visiting it was my child's dream coming true
so I can't even express my enthusiasm.
I loved gardens, interiors and carriages museum.
Taking photos inside was forbidden
so just a few pics from the outside.

With my friend on Gloriette; wind :<


My childhood idol.
Now I feel like getting obsessed about her again,
but in much more mature way of course.
I will probably write post about her 
(after reading enough books/ watching movies)
so I will only post this pic ^^

(oh my ribbons look badly here...)

5. Prater
Of course that Disneyland is much more better,
but still I had such a fun there!

Carousel with living ponies!

Maybe I don't look like that,
but I really like all hardcore roller-coasters.
Prater was not able to offer me enough emotions,
but still I drown myself in their attractions.

6. Decadence - Aspects of Austrian Symbolism
We were really lucky to be able to see this temporary exhibition in Belvedere.
I don't remember when last time any exhibition touched me so deeply
and I found my new favorite painting.
Well, this really needs an individual post.

7. Parks
always in order, clean, and with ducks :)

8. Details
In Vienna even Coca Cola is more stylish

9. Palmenhaus in Hofburg

In was so carefree to watch butterflies..
but just before going out we saw..
the death of a butterfly in a spider net...
I can only bow my head before the brutal beauty of this metaphor.

10. Opera
I already wrote about it

11. Cake and coffee
same here

It is not everything..
Oh, so difficult to choose a few things
when you are already in love with all city!

sobota, 21 września 2013

Tosca in Vienna

Continuing my Vienna spam..
Wiener Staatsoper :3

I will skip the detailed review
as I already wrote it in Polish (for my uni supervisor)
and don't feel like writing it once again.
Here I will limit myself to silly 'ah and oh' feelings :3

Vienna is really the city of classical music.
It is everywhere.
In Vienna opera really seems to be much more
popular and commercialized.
You can buy a ticket on the street.
You can also watch the live opera transmission
every evening on the screen which is situated on the building!
Such a magnificent idea!
We were going home one evening and we just stopped for a while 
to listen to Toreador's song from Carmen.
Oh gosh I want to live there!

You see how many people watch it.

We also visited Opera Museum

Here is me outside the Opera

We chose Tosca.
The cast was hanging outside and inside 
the building.

So beautiful.
Just after entrance you feel like being taken
to the other world.
Gold. Gold.

Here is the Tea Room
where Franz Joseph spent intermissions.
You can rent it for 500 euro/20 min.
+tea costs xD

You can drink your intermission cafe here.

I absolutely love their toilets.
They had special room to check you make-up.

This is how the program looked.
Quite elegant,
but only synopsis was in English.

I like that you can choose the language of
your subtitles individually.

Shortly about the opera?
We chose classical Tosca.
Quite old, typical performance
with a wonderful cast (for this evening):
Marcelo Alvarez and Angela Gheorghiu.
I have never heard the tenor like him before.
He was easily reigning with his voice
over the orchestra.
She was a charming prima donna and innocent little girl
who killed when pressed to it.

Alvarez's E lucevan le stelle-
I will keep among my most beautiful memories.

You can listen him here
and angelic Angela here :3

The power of every masterpiece opera lies in the fact
that no matter how well you know libretto,
how many times you have watched the story
you will experience it once again
and finish with your heart half-broken.