sobota, 28 września 2013

Europeum and Chantilly

Yesterday I went with my best friend
to the new branch of  National Museum in Cracow-
which aim is to present European art.
Well, I was really disappointed...
the museum is small
and everything it organised without any creative ideas.
They decided to sort paintings depending 
on topic not epoch,
but they were not able to make a story from it
so it just leaded to a chaos...

The only interesting idea
was to distribute postcards with
different portraits.
People could vote for the one which they would like to see
as a representative of the museum :)

After the museum we went 
to the newly open cafe Chantilly
close to Wawel castle.

It is such a nice place
with perfect location
(you can look at the castle
when sitting there)
and yummy cakes.

It is all decorated by paintings 
of Dominika Stawarz-Burska-
polish artist whose paintings look
like taken from the child's dream.
Really perfect place to relax 
with a friend, cake and coffee :)

You can check more artist's works here.

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