poniedziałek, 2 września 2013

Emilie Autumn's concert

Emilie Autumn'c concert :3
Oh, I got more excited than I expected.
And it was even more fantastic than I expected.

Extremely visual, dark, sweet an funny at the same time,
more like a theater or a cabaret
with long acting parts, elaborated costumes and lights game.
I also heard my fav song
(The Art of Suicide)
so I am highly satisfied.

My diamond eyelashes and curls.
Oh, I was so pleased with my hair that day.

Before concert I met with my friends 
which I have not seen for quite a long time. 

My full outfit without a jacket.

Oh such a fun I had on this concert!
Even the fact that I almost fainted 
can not destroy the final effect.
And today I am ill....
It really frightens me how fragile I am.

As always I haven't taken any pics on the gig
so I put here links with photos.
here and here
(more for myself xp)

Anyway proud to be a Wayward Victorian girl
from Asylum.

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