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Tosca in Vienna

Continuing my Vienna spam..
Wiener Staatsoper :3

I will skip the detailed review
as I already wrote it in Polish (for my uni supervisor)
and don't feel like writing it once again.
Here I will limit myself to silly 'ah and oh' feelings :3

Vienna is really the city of classical music.
It is everywhere.
In Vienna opera really seems to be much more
popular and commercialized.
You can buy a ticket on the street.
You can also watch the live opera transmission
every evening on the screen which is situated on the building!
Such a magnificent idea!
We were going home one evening and we just stopped for a while 
to listen to Toreador's song from Carmen.
Oh gosh I want to live there!

You see how many people watch it.

We also visited Opera Museum

Here is me outside the Opera

We chose Tosca.
The cast was hanging outside and inside 
the building.

So beautiful.
Just after entrance you feel like being taken
to the other world.
Gold. Gold.

Here is the Tea Room
where Franz Joseph spent intermissions.
You can rent it for 500 euro/20 min.
+tea costs xD

You can drink your intermission cafe here.

I absolutely love their toilets.
They had special room to check you make-up.

This is how the program looked.
Quite elegant,
but only synopsis was in English.

I like that you can choose the language of
your subtitles individually.

Shortly about the opera?
We chose classical Tosca.
Quite old, typical performance
with a wonderful cast (for this evening):
Marcelo Alvarez and Angela Gheorghiu.
I have never heard the tenor like him before.
He was easily reigning with his voice
over the orchestra.
She was a charming prima donna and innocent little girl
who killed when pressed to it.

Alvarez's E lucevan le stelle-
I will keep among my most beautiful memories.

You can listen him here
and angelic Angela here :3

The power of every masterpiece opera lies in the fact
that no matter how well you know libretto,
how many times you have watched the story
you will experience it once again
and finish with your heart half-broken.

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