niedziela, 15 września 2013

Operetta and souvenirs from Vienna

I am back.
It will take some time to share my reflections
after the trip to Vienna.
Oh feeling so nostalgic...
I fell in love with this city more than I expected.
To kill sadness-
Viennese operetta- The Gypsy Baron
in our local opera.
I do not like operetta so much,
but still I had fun
and could think about Vienna :3


My outfit
New hat :3

Shouldn't I write something about Vienna?
Well... let's start from the simplest things...
souvenirs :D
Just a few as we were not shopping too often.

My earrings from Forever 21
(I wore them today)

Sissi fan
(Oh I do adore Sissi so much...
would buy everything with her)

For salt and paper
(for my grandma)

Something from Manner
(ski jumping fans know why xD)

(Sissi, Marie Antoinette
and a painting... which stopped me from breathing...
I will write about it later)

And lots of tickets, plans etc

to be continued

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