niedziela, 22 września 2013

What I liked in Vienna

As I want to finish my Vienna post series
I will make one post about everything.
(or otherwise I would write about it for at least a few months xD)
So things I liked the best.
Not a report, but my fav list :)

1. Cameo, jewelry and gold decorations 
in Kunsthistorisches Museum

It looks like Lolita accessories xD

2. Bear museum
They were absolutely cute, their poses :3

3. Schonbrunn
Well, I absolutely fell in love with this place.
Visiting it was my child's dream coming true
so I can't even express my enthusiasm.
I loved gardens, interiors and carriages museum.
Taking photos inside was forbidden
so just a few pics from the outside.

With my friend on Gloriette; wind :<


My childhood idol.
Now I feel like getting obsessed about her again,
but in much more mature way of course.
I will probably write post about her 
(after reading enough books/ watching movies)
so I will only post this pic ^^

(oh my ribbons look badly here...)

5. Prater
Of course that Disneyland is much more better,
but still I had such a fun there!

Carousel with living ponies!

Maybe I don't look like that,
but I really like all hardcore roller-coasters.
Prater was not able to offer me enough emotions,
but still I drown myself in their attractions.

6. Decadence - Aspects of Austrian Symbolism
We were really lucky to be able to see this temporary exhibition in Belvedere.
I don't remember when last time any exhibition touched me so deeply
and I found my new favorite painting.
Well, this really needs an individual post.

7. Parks
always in order, clean, and with ducks :)

8. Details
In Vienna even Coca Cola is more stylish

9. Palmenhaus in Hofburg

In was so carefree to watch butterflies..
but just before going out we saw..
the death of a butterfly in a spider net...
I can only bow my head before the brutal beauty of this metaphor.

10. Opera
I already wrote about it

11. Cake and coffee
same here

It is not everything..
Oh, so difficult to choose a few things
when you are already in love with all city!

2 komentarze:

  1. Wiedeń jest wspaniały, miałam okazję zobaczyć większość miejsc i rzeczy, o których tutaj piszesz, i muszę się zgodzić, że są wspaniałe. Nie byłam w muzeum Misiów, muszę to nadrobić.

  2. Muzeum misiów jest malutkie i to bardziej taka ciekawostka niż obowiązkowy punkt programu, co nie zmienia faktu, że jest urocze :3