wtorek, 17 września 2013

Eating in Vienna...

That was crazy.
I do not remember when I ate so many sweets in one week.
Never mind.
I really did enjoy it xD

Let's start.

It's a first cat cafe in Europe
inspired by Japanese trend to open such businesses. 
All cafe is designed for cats so you have boxes, beds, shelves everywhere.
There is six cats there, but they can easily hide themselves 
when they are tired
so we saw just two of them.

(you can buy cat food to feed them xD)

Our order
Melange and vanilla cake.
My cake has cat ears xD
(In Vienna the coffee is always served with water)

And cats!

Cat in dress :3

And inside^^

In the evening we went to eat dinner.
Of course sweet dinner.
Imperial pancakes- kaiserschmarrn.
In fact they were called kaiserinschmarrn,
but seems that Sissi didn't like them so much 
so they changed the name xD

We chose a typical Viennese cafe
with piano music called Diglas.

It had the strangest toilet I've ever saw.
The door was made from glass
and in the moment you locked yourself inside 
it became dimmed xD

Next place to eat- Gloriette in Schonbrunn.

Sissi torte
(good name makes a success xD)

Next place was a restaurant close to 
Riesenrad (wheel).
We chose Palatschinke.
Not our fault that in Vienna everything (tasty) is sweet.
To drink- a coffee with hazelnut liqueur (called Sissi Kaffe xD)

Then was Demel.
The cake shop which used to make cakes for a court.
We ordered Brauner and famous Sacher Torte.


This place was quite elegant,
but a little too dark.
And the museum of marzipan was closed :(

There is also shop there.

I bough there a chocolate for my grandma.
I like the old-schooled package.

On this day we also ate something
that is not sweet!
Yummy :3

We also visited Aida
which is a Viennese coffehouse chain
(27 in Vienna).
I read that they should be pink, but in fact just a few elements 
were in this colour...

My Mozart Torte
(with nougat, marzipan..)
and Einspänner
were the sweetest things ever.
Let me forget about calories for a while.
Oh we need such Aida in Cracow!

The next day before the opera
we went to Sussi
Salon de the francois.
The lovely place where Lolitas have meet-ups.

French? Well, menu was with Sissi :)


I ordered Tarte (or rather quiche)
with tomatoes.

On the last day we visited famous Sacher.
I loved the luxurious atmosphere there.

Menu looks like newspaper.

We tried Wiener Apfelstrudel.

Then Aida again to say goodbay.

We also bought colorful macaroons

Enjoy as soon as possible?
We are good girls
and listen to authorities
so we ate them on our way back home :3

Oh gosh the sweetest week ever :D
I will miss it.
Let be sincere... Vienna can be proud of its sweets and coffee...

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  1. Taa...Ja nigdy nie jadlam tylu smakolykow w ciagu jednego tygodnia :D BTw, jestes urocza^^

  2. Mnie wcześniej też się jeszcze nie zdarzyło... Dziękuję :3