wtorek, 3 września 2013

Taobao order, Leda jsk and more, more shopping

Latest shopping.
In fact they are mostly from taobao
(finally my big package arrived),
the rest from ebay or local shops.
It is all in the name of my 
'sweet to classic' exchange.

New things + opera tickets for new season=
the guide how to reach happiness for a while :3

Let's start with the beautiful 
Leda and the Swan jsk
from Lady Sloth

I would touch it without the end <3
It's natural silk


This one is an English vintage hat.
It is signed by British Hat Guild

This hat from Red Maria on taobao
is inspired by Gone with the wind
(it's still a little tired from the travel)

New shoes
Casual and classic

Loris bag

Lace shawl and cape

Now blouses. 


This one: so lovely <3


Take a look at this small cameo.
Lace, lace everywhere :3

And jacket

Hair accessory



Phone straps

(lately I really love belts in Lolita,
need more..)


For the end:
lovely Charmmy Kitty ttissues :3
From today.

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