sobota, 27 kwietnia 2013

Mehoffer's house

Today I went to to the museum of Józef Mehoffer
situated in his own house.
He was a Polish artist of Young Poland movement (painter, graphic artist etc),
but as usual I am not going to write more about him
or try to present his art. 
This is my blog and it is for things that specially caught my eyes and heart ^^
So I will just post some pretty pictures from his house :3

His bedroom

His wife's dressing-table *.*


Feather fans ^^
Oh I think that I need to buy one for me too :3

Oh this golden plate

This one is my most favourite...
I love her so much that I feel like robbing the museum for it *.*

My outfit

As the event was called Free Art Day 
we could see the museum with a guide for free
and then they served us coffee in Mehoffer's garden.

Such a quite place in the middle of the city.
Even birds were singing.
Feel so relaxed after days like that...
Even if somewhere deep I can not stay the thought that 
this place, people who lived there, their lifestyle
it is all beyond my reach. 

poniedziałek, 22 kwietnia 2013

The Marriage of Figaro

My outfit

Yesterday I went to see The Marriage of Figaro.
I wanted to see this opera for such a long time
that I was not only excited, but also really well-prepared.
I was expecting a lot from the Cracow production.
And I am not disappointed.
I am charmed to the point I can't think about anything else except it even today.
What's more: I don't remember having such a fun for a very long time!
Generally, I don't like comedies and making myself laugh intentionally
by watching/reading some funny stories,
but oh.. this one met my taste way too perfectly!
The fun was served in an aesthetically perfect form.
But still it had this atmosphere of XVIII I do love so much.
The same one you can find in Dangerous Liaisons.

Of course I am aware of all social issues that 
are presented in this opera,
but I almost don't care about them. 
I was just looking for the beautiful music,
gorgeous costumes, decorations
and humor that can't be compared with anything I remember right now.

Just look how amazing the poster is!

On Saturday I went to eat cupcakes with my friends,
(so I diligently post a pic of them)

but I was so lifeless...
finally Figaro &Co. made me happy for a while ^^

piątek, 19 kwietnia 2013

IW skirt again

My new IW skirt arrived ^_^
Oh I am so in love with it.
It is made so perfectly :3
I am slowly becoming such an Innocent World fan!

And some random buys

niedziela, 14 kwietnia 2013

Museum of photography

Today I went to the Museum of photography.
Finally the weather was fine 
and I could leave my winter coat in a wardrobe
(I am really fed up with it >.<)
and put on my spring one :3

There was a place stylized on
an old photo studio.

The museum is not really well organized in my opinion.
Descriptions are a little chaotic and not fitted for photography laypeople.
But oh forget it, these old cameras have such a magic of the past :3

Photo albums *.*

And now what I love the most.
Old photographs ^^

Then we went shopping, for coffee and ice creams :3
Definitely the kind of Sunday I love :3

For the end just a small random.
How gorgeous these cupcake soaps are *.*

wtorek, 9 kwietnia 2013

Lady Sloth skirts and Meta blouse

So my absolutely lovely two new skirts
from my friend's brand Lady Sloth :3

Rococo series

Venice mist

Today also my Meta chiffon blouse arrived

Oh, so many new clothes lately:3
Finally I am starting to like my closet again:3

poniedziałek, 8 kwietnia 2013

Halka (opera)!

Today I went to see Halka
Polish national opera.

It was my first time seeing Polish opera
and I was a little worried 
how I will be able to understand it
without subtitles.
And in fact it was a problem.
But it was the only one. 
And I forgot about it quite quickly 
(in fact I already knew the most famous arias 
so it was easier).
Without subtitles I was more concentrated
on music and characters. 
It was like watching ballet:
the story is told without words. 
It dances straightly to your heart.  

Oh, Halka was so full of emotions.
So full of love and sorrow
which lead to craziness and anger. 
There is no other end than death. 
Moth is getting closer to the light
even thought it is going to kill her. 

There was an absolutely beautiful scene
when Halka was singing the aria
Gdyby rannem słonkiem
in the middle of a labyrinth.
Above her you could see a big moth.

Gdyby rannem słonkiem wzlecieć mi skowronkiem,
Gdyby jaskółeczką bujać mi po niebie!
Gdyby rybką w rzece - płynąć tu do ciebie, 

No, my poor thing, 
you are not a morning sun, not a skylark or a swallow
or even a fish in a river.
You will not reach your beloved Jasiek.
You are just a moth approaching the light,
but on the end of your way you will not find him.
There is only death there.

The other miserable character
of this opera is Jontek.
Village boy who is unhappily in love with Halka.
He tries to save her from her way to the light.

This role was played by my mostly beloved tenor singer.
I didn't even expect to hear him tonight.
How perfect he expressed
Jontek's pain and helplessness!
His anger of being unable to do anything. 
It is absolutely beyond words
how deeply Wasyl is becoming one with his characters.
Every time I see him on stage I fall in love again.
I don't only love Wasyl, but also Pinkerton, Don Jose, Nemurino 
and now also Jontek.
Probably I will fall for him much more times in the future. 
Never ending love. Never ending way to the light.

Listen to him singing the aria from Halka here.

 Right now I am obsessed with the aria posted below:

Oh, I would forget.
My outfit from today :3
Just partially satisfied with it.
I am going to improve it in the future.

sobota, 6 kwietnia 2013

IW skirt, lots of taobao stuff- so biig closet filling

Prepare yourself for the post full of awesomeness :3

For the beginning new skirt.
This is my first item from Innocent World
and I have to add that this is one of the most beautiful pieces
I have ever own.
No words to express my delight.

And back
These frills are chiffon.

Print *.*

Now time to present my biig taobao package.
These clothes were being bought since January.

My most dreamed Mucha jsk.
I have to say that the quality is the poorest 
from all three dresses posted here.
And the zipper got broken
when I tried it on...
But the print is really gorgeous
and well made.

 This Kidsyoyo underbust dress looks inconspicuous,
but don't believe it.
It's really beautiful in reality
and once again I must express
my love for Kidsyoyo and the high quality of their clothes. 
(This dress is so long!
I am completely not used to wear such a length!)

And next one from Magic Tea Party.
I don't wear brown very often,
but golden embroidery suits to brown so perfectly
that I don't regret buying it  :3

Swan Lake motif

I love bows on a lining.

I had a big deficit of blouses
(well.. in fact I still have)
in my wardrobe so here are some new ones from MM Angel.

Even tags were cute <3

This one has golden lace!

Violet blouse

Pink blouse
(very light)

For the end new shoes
bought in Poland (but still online xD)
Good for classic :3

Thanks for looking!