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Halka (opera)!

Today I went to see Halka
Polish national opera.

It was my first time seeing Polish opera
and I was a little worried 
how I will be able to understand it
without subtitles.
And in fact it was a problem.
But it was the only one. 
And I forgot about it quite quickly 
(in fact I already knew the most famous arias 
so it was easier).
Without subtitles I was more concentrated
on music and characters. 
It was like watching ballet:
the story is told without words. 
It dances straightly to your heart.  

Oh, Halka was so full of emotions.
So full of love and sorrow
which lead to craziness and anger. 
There is no other end than death. 
Moth is getting closer to the light
even thought it is going to kill her. 

There was an absolutely beautiful scene
when Halka was singing the aria
Gdyby rannem słonkiem
in the middle of a labyrinth.
Above her you could see a big moth.

Gdyby rannem słonkiem wzlecieć mi skowronkiem,
Gdyby jaskółeczką bujać mi po niebie!
Gdyby rybką w rzece - płynąć tu do ciebie, 

No, my poor thing, 
you are not a morning sun, not a skylark or a swallow
or even a fish in a river.
You will not reach your beloved Jasiek.
You are just a moth approaching the light,
but on the end of your way you will not find him.
There is only death there.

The other miserable character
of this opera is Jontek.
Village boy who is unhappily in love with Halka.
He tries to save her from her way to the light.

This role was played by my mostly beloved tenor singer.
I didn't even expect to hear him tonight.
How perfect he expressed
Jontek's pain and helplessness!
His anger of being unable to do anything. 
It is absolutely beyond words
how deeply Wasyl is becoming one with his characters.
Every time I see him on stage I fall in love again.
I don't only love Wasyl, but also Pinkerton, Don Jose, Nemurino 
and now also Jontek.
Probably I will fall for him much more times in the future. 
Never ending love. Never ending way to the light.

Listen to him singing the aria from Halka here.

 Right now I am obsessed with the aria posted below:

Oh, I would forget.
My outfit from today :3
Just partially satisfied with it.
I am going to improve it in the future.

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