wtorek, 2 kwietnia 2013

Old Cracow custom Rękawka

Old Cracow custom 
called Rękawka
is celebrated every year on Tuesday after Easter.
It is the way of welcoming spring
and also has the function of Spring Dziady
(a feast to commemorate the dead).

This pagan ceremony
was usually followed by a fair and folk plays.
Nowadays its goal is to see the reconstruction of
some Slavic ceremonies, people dressed as middle ages warriors
and generally to enjoy 3rd day of Easter :)

It always takes place next to Krakus Mound
where according to the legend Krakus,
founder of Cracow, was buried. 

The ceremony of lighting up fire

Welcoming spring :3

Traditional spices

The kind of flat bread commonly eaten in old Slavic times.

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  1. Widzę,że bałwan jest :3
    Szkoda,że wiosna nie prędko do nas zawita.