sobota, 27 kwietnia 2013

Mehoffer's house

Today I went to to the museum of Józef Mehoffer
situated in his own house.
He was a Polish artist of Young Poland movement (painter, graphic artist etc),
but as usual I am not going to write more about him
or try to present his art. 
This is my blog and it is for things that specially caught my eyes and heart ^^
So I will just post some pretty pictures from his house :3

His bedroom

His wife's dressing-table *.*


Feather fans ^^
Oh I think that I need to buy one for me too :3

Oh this golden plate

This one is my most favourite...
I love her so much that I feel like robbing the museum for it *.*

My outfit

As the event was called Free Art Day 
we could see the museum with a guide for free
and then they served us coffee in Mehoffer's garden.

Such a quite place in the middle of the city.
Even birds were singing.
Feel so relaxed after days like that...
Even if somewhere deep I can not stay the thought that 
this place, people who lived there, their lifestyle
it is all beyond my reach. 

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