sobota, 4 maja 2013

3 places I want to visit

Today I would like to post photos
of three places I would like to visit.
Two of them are in Poland 
and the 3rd one is not that far.

1. The Baj Pomorski Theater in Toruń
Puppet theater which looks like a wardrobe!
It seems like visiting Narnia.
You can enter the wardrobe to start your fairy tale!

2. Branicki Palace in Białystok
It is built in French style
and looks like Polish Versailles *.*

3. The third place is located in Slovakia. 
Čachtice Castle - the residence on Elizabeth Bathory.
Legends or not I just love places which allow 
me to immerse myself in a gothic atmosphere and dark beauty 
even if the majority of it is just my own imagination. 

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  1. No,no piękne miejsca.Chciałabym mieszkać w takim pałacu.Najpierw musiałabym się urodzić w rodzinie królewskiej,buhahaha.