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Again some opera spam :3
If it seems to you that lately my life consists of opera only
you are.. almost right xD
That is just me in the beginning of a new obsession
when the rest of the world doesn't interest me at all :3
Don't worry. It will calm down soon.

So yesterday I saw Tosca
I am not a big Puccini fan, because verismo and opera 
usually do not go together very well.
I much more prefer stories which do not pretend 
to show real world since beginning.
But still Tosca is situated in such times and place
that it is not a problem here.

The story goes on so quickly and is so full of emotions
that before you will realize an act is over.
One after another
and then you stay completely shocked
that it is already time to go home
and this is the last thing you are eager to do. 
Cruelty, pain, love and art
wonderfully bind together.
After hearing 
Vissi d'arte 
E lucevan le stelle
you just feel like devoting your life 
to art and love.
No matter how much pain it will bring.
OMG I am so melodramatic and pathetic..

Anyway the performance was stunning.
Specially Tosca touched my heart.
 I do not really like tenor who sang Cavaradossi.
He was just a typical park and bark type.
I saw a video with Placido Domingo as Cavaradossi
a few days ago so maybe my expectations were too high.

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