wtorek, 7 maja 2013

The Loveliest Girl in the World

Have you heard about
The Loveliest Girl in the World
and photographer Miina Savolainen?
These magical photographs of girls from children's houses
immersed in their own fantasy world touched me so deeply. 
Usually it is interpreted as the way for girls to
gain self value and the consciousnesses of their own uniqueness.
The way for girls to recover.

But I do not think that these worlds are something 
that should heal them.
IMO they have already lived there for years!
Seeing it I can not stop thinking about Alice
and the way Yagawa interpreted it. 
(Yes, I know I see Alice everywhere)
Alice chose Wonderland, because this world 
had nothing to offer her.
These girls have had their Wonderland all life
and I hope that thanks to such an alternative
they were able to grow up in proud and strength. 
Photos do not show girls's fragile sites
they show their strength!

The last photo reminded me one of my own pics from last year. 
It somehow suits here. 

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