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The Marriage of Figaro

My outfit

Yesterday I went to see The Marriage of Figaro.
I wanted to see this opera for such a long time
that I was not only excited, but also really well-prepared.
I was expecting a lot from the Cracow production.
And I am not disappointed.
I am charmed to the point I can't think about anything else except it even today.
What's more: I don't remember having such a fun for a very long time!
Generally, I don't like comedies and making myself laugh intentionally
by watching/reading some funny stories,
but oh.. this one met my taste way too perfectly!
The fun was served in an aesthetically perfect form.
But still it had this atmosphere of XVIII I do love so much.
The same one you can find in Dangerous Liaisons.

Of course I am aware of all social issues that 
are presented in this opera,
but I almost don't care about them. 
I was just looking for the beautiful music,
gorgeous costumes, decorations
and humor that can't be compared with anything I remember right now.

Just look how amazing the poster is!

On Saturday I went to eat cupcakes with my friends,
(so I diligently post a pic of them)

but I was so lifeless...
finally Figaro &Co. made me happy for a while ^^

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