sobota, 6 kwietnia 2013

IW skirt, lots of taobao stuff- so biig closet filling

Prepare yourself for the post full of awesomeness :3

For the beginning new skirt.
This is my first item from Innocent World
and I have to add that this is one of the most beautiful pieces
I have ever own.
No words to express my delight.

And back
These frills are chiffon.

Print *.*

Now time to present my biig taobao package.
These clothes were being bought since January.

My most dreamed Mucha jsk.
I have to say that the quality is the poorest 
from all three dresses posted here.
And the zipper got broken
when I tried it on...
But the print is really gorgeous
and well made.

 This Kidsyoyo underbust dress looks inconspicuous,
but don't believe it.
It's really beautiful in reality
and once again I must express
my love for Kidsyoyo and the high quality of their clothes. 
(This dress is so long!
I am completely not used to wear such a length!)

And next one from Magic Tea Party.
I don't wear brown very often,
but golden embroidery suits to brown so perfectly
that I don't regret buying it  :3

Swan Lake motif

I love bows on a lining.

I had a big deficit of blouses
(well.. in fact I still have)
in my wardrobe so here are some new ones from MM Angel.

Even tags were cute <3

This one has golden lace!

Violet blouse

Pink blouse
(very light)

For the end new shoes
bought in Poland (but still online xD)
Good for classic :3

Thanks for looking!

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  1. So beautiful *____* I like Much JSK and IW skirt the most *____* and I'm actually wondering...dlaczego nie piszę tego po polsku? XD