piątek, 3 lutego 2012

The Hunger: for blood or for love?

Miriam promised John that they will live together
forever and ever.
Forever young 
in a house full of beautiful things, 
surrounded by music 
and celebrating their love. 

But then John suddenly started to get older very quickly.
After one day he looked like an old man. 
The promise was broken
and Miriam- eternally living vampire
started to look for a new love. 

But what was waiting for John?
No. It was not death.
It was an eternity in a coffin
with all his feelings, thoughs,
but without a power to move. 

Absolutely beauiful story about vampires,
which in fact is a story of fear.
No. Not the fear of vampires, but the fear of loneliness. 

Music ...

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  1. I watched this movie when I was really, really young and I remember it haunts me ever since. Beautiful movie indeed.