poniedziałek, 21 marca 2011

Cloudia - the princess of clouds

Today is my Name's Day.
As most of you know I really do not like my name. I hate when somebody uses it. Specially if this is somebody who is close to me. It is really strange reaction even for me, when I consider that I have the same name like small vampire girl from Anne Rice's stories which I like.... (and it was Lestat who made her a vampire!).
But lately somebody named me Cloudia. My first reaction was No! Don't use this name, but then he explained that it is Cloudia not Claudia and it sounds like a person from clouds, girls living in clouds, when we go further princess of clouds. Don't you think it suits really good to such dreamy person like me?
I have almost finished liking my name (thank you my dear for it^^).

Next thing is that I associate Cloudia with Versailles's song After Cloudia.

To encounter those things I believe in
I always wish I could continue seeing them

I wake up from my dream and you're not here
Every time it makes me more depressed
I conceal my wounds and you disappear
Beneath the sunlight

(translation from here)

It all makes me think about my dream dress Twinkle dreaming princess.
And this mini hat♥
Close-up to the print

All this princess- connected things among clouds. Sweet dreams.
The first I wanted this dress in pink, but I think such navy blue or black not only shows print much better, but also has deeper meaning.
All images are scattered on dark night sky. 
Sky of life can look obscure and sad, but it does not really matter.
Nobody can take dreams hidden between clouds. 

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  1. Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji imienin Chmurko ;) A sukienka prześliczna już nie mówiąc o kapelusiku :)

  2. Dziękuję^^ Nom sukienka cudo♥