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Miyavi's concert report

Not really a report. Rather some subjective thoughts.
We arrived there around 10 o'clock (we planned to be there even earlier, but we spent too much time in hotel... and then we lost our way...).
Anyway I was not so happy to spent all day there,
I am not such fan, but my friends insisted.
We were in group of six. Unfortunately we do not have any photo together eh..
How we spent this time?
When a few of us were keeping our place, we went to find a place to eat and a toilet (yees invading Music High school to use a toilet XD). 
What then?
Eating chocolate and bubbles♥ 

BTW as you see concert's place was really terrible... Such shame... 

Then was many people and waiting in tightness... No air.. 
After opening a gate (which was quite difficult because people were sticked to the gate which opened to the outside...) all people flighted to go first. 
I saw one girl loosing her jacket's sleeve and some other people had scratches after touching a wall. 
My elbow (as I realized at home) has not also escaped unharmed. 
When one security guy asked with surprise Is is really worth?
I thought to myself exactly the same....
(BTW I saw how all people from security and ticket agency were looking at us with hidden smile.. they could not understand our craze.. probably they had not seen such thing before.. XD
 it looked somehow like from a movie XD totally unreal)
After first gate we were running to the next one (they were allowing one part of people after another). Then was a fight for getting stamps as quickly as possible, then clothing room.. everything very nervous. It is so stupid that general atmosphere made me fighting
 even so inside I was not caring so much.
And then was second gate. It was really stupid that they did not open it in the beginning. I had to survived the same situation as in the first gate again. 
The worst that I got stuck on a door and lose some time. I had to really made my best to finish inside. Rapidity of the river was dragging me to the back.
After reaching scene I landed in 5th row in a middle. 
What was the worst? People were still fighting for a better place. I know pushing on concerts is normal ( I even like it), but here everybody was doing it and I was fed up with it all before a beginning.
It was all about surviving not enjoying..
 I tried even to move to the back, but it was not so easy. 
Finally bodyguards went inside a crowd. 
Some peace.
Of course until we heard Miyavi's guitar from a backstage. 
For a moment I also felt a whiff of  acraziness. But then pushing people made my angry. Specially that I somehow landed in 3rd row and 
the situation was even worse. 
I started to move back. 
My body was really weak. After being ill (in fact I still was ill)
 I did not have many power. 
7th row was much better. He was more visible and the sound quality was clearer. Then I even moved farer and finally I went to the right site where was quite a lot of place and many air. 

Miyavi was really beautiful. He looks in real like on photos. His face is very pretty and girlish without even many make-up. With cool hairstyle and normal clothes he was absolutely attractive.
 I thought that he looks like an ideal Japanese.
His way of moving was so catching that I could not stop looking at him. (when he... his shirt....XD)

His guitar
:-O :O O_O o_o 8O OwO O-O 0_o O_o O3O o0o ;o_o; o...o 0w0
just unbelievable...

If it comes about songs..
Beginning was boring. I do not like his new songs. 
Except from Torture and OMGackt: Gravity!
He sang it after saying about the situation in Japan and after a minute of silence (everybody was in silence really it was so moving...).
I felt tears in my eyes... 
He also chose some old songs. It was so cute when he asked us which one we would like to hear. 
Selfish love. I was in seven heaven. And then What a wonderful world
I was really weak and did not have any power to jump or whatever,
 but with a surprise
 I found myself singing we love you

Even so I was sometimes a little bored in the end I felt satisfied. I would not go for his gig again so far, but what is the most important
I realized my high school's dream.

So to teenage me:
 It is a present for you. 
Old unfulfilled dreams make people sad and bitter
 so here you have 
what you dreamed about so hardly .

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