niedziela, 16 stycznia 2011

Skating and small loli meet

We had very small loli meet on skating rink^^ We were only three lolis (and one aristocrat) there, but some of my non-loli friends also came so there was more of us.
People's reactions were really well and we were even praised for bringing some brightness there. Even thought I do not like the fact that they consider us making some kind of costume ball just for fun. Of course nobody knew what lolita is...
After skating we went into Japanese restaurant^^
More pics on my facebook and polish loli forum.

I love the way this photo is made by my friend  in purikura style^^ 
I have to make more photos like that. So cute♥

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  2. I do not think there was a community Lolita in poland .

    Your photos are very pretty ^-^ .

  3. Lolitas are everywhere I suppose^^

    Nice to meet you.
    Thanks for visiting my blog^_^