piątek, 21 stycznia 2011

Seimu's first trip

Japanese culture center in my city organized a small dollfie exhibition and also a lecture about Bellmer's inspiration in Japanese doll art. Me, Seimu and my friend arrived there earlier to take some pictures and see all dolls before other people will arrive.
Yeees, Seimu accompanied me^^ It was his first time to go outside my home, so I was really happy that this exhibition gave him a memorable first trip. He was able to meet many people and dolls. Just bad that the weather was rainy so he had to travel in a bag...
Photographer from this center took also some pics of us together. I felt very proud of my beautiful boy^^
During the lecture a men who was running it asked me what my doll means to me. He meant that the doll can become friend substitute. I wasn't going to confess how much I adore my Seimu, so I skip the answer saying that I have him only one week and I think that reconciling the doll and friends is possible.
Seimu was a little angry after it. He thinks that I should say that he is my number one. That's why I called him possessive :PP

If it comes about my outfit... it was just casual. I realized that I own this Bodyline's skirt very long time, but usually wear it to uni, not to any special events so I don't have any photos in it. Poor skirt needs some attention. 
I also made plaits on my wig for the first time^^

And my treasure:

2 komentarze:

  1. Pięknie razem wyglądacie! :)
    Nie jestem fanką tej spódnicy, ale całkiem Ci ładnie w niej.

  2. Dziękuję^^
    Dla mnie teraz ta spódniczka jest za mało słodka, ale na codzień bardzo dobra. A przy tym mam straszne opory przed sprzedawaniem czegokolwiek.