piątek, 6 maja 2011

Finally Friend Kumya- chan is mine♥

My most dreamed dress is finally mine.
I still can not believe it.
Am I not dreaming?

I fell in love with it when I was GothLoli.
This is a dress that turned me into sweet.

Such cute bears and mint colour were something that I could not resist.

I almost bought it once...
almost ...
I was looking for it very intensive then.
And one week ago I checked yahoo auctions.
It was strange premonition
(in fact I have never checked yahoo before, only mbok).
I just went into the site and wrote the name of dress there:

And I saw it.
It was Sophie.
It was mint.
The only problem was that there was only 14 hours to the end of auction.
Not enough time to contact any ss and to send money to paypal....
it is terrible memory...
I heard my bears crying for me again...

Anyway there was no bidders and the dress was put on auction again.
I contact Japonica market
(btw they are amazing! I recommend their shopping service to everyone)
and they bid the dress for me.

Now my bears are on their way to Japonica market 
and then they will be sent to me^^

I hope that they will reach me before D concert.
It would be somehow a miracle...
do you remember my dream about standing in front of Hide zou 
in mint kumya chan jsk
big bow 
and blond wig?
It has chances to become reality...

3 komentarze:

  1. Trzymam kciuki żeby się spełniło :D

  2. To Ty jako Hello Kitty ;-))) http://gotouchi-kitty.cocolog-nifty.com/photos/uncategorized/10278788.jpg

    A reszta tutaj: http://www.itoyoshi.net/kitty_amoren.html

  3. Nathalienn dziękuję:*

    Miriel Śliczna^^
    Jeszcze te of Novali są boskie♥
    Też chcę różowy bonnecik^^ Na razie mam tylko biało- czarny...