piątek, 27 maja 2011

More classic style and D again...

My grandma really would like me to turn 
into classic loli.
She loves such coords as this one

Probably when I will get older 
I will wear classic loli or even some prints from AatP (in light colors)
but give me some time to be happy with sweet ^^

Yeees instead of learning I waste time playing with photos XD

Anyway my ticket for GACKT's gig is bought♥

And I can happily listen to.... D....
Yes I am their slave. .
I have no idea how they did it...

Asagi.... I even know that he is not pretty.. 
but who cares?
He is amazing.
And style can defeat natural beauty.

2 komentarze:

  1. Lladia, u siebie wstawiłam "Masquerade" nieodwrócone. Podoba mi się ten utwór. Tylko na youtubie (to co wstawiłaś na soup, jest odbite w lustrze ;-)

  2. Wiem, ale na youtube nie było innego. Ale gdzie indziej oglądałam normalne:)