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Breslau- part I: D concert

It is definitely too early to write about it.
I still feel the same. I can't even think in normal rational way.

I always say that seeing someone on a stage is an image of perfection,
but this time it was much more.

Me and my friend arrived before club around 12.
I thought that it is too late, but there was not many people.
Other friends joined us later.

Everything was going really fast.
We went to a cafe, then to take a shower (our hostel was opposite the club)
then it started raining so they allow us to enter the club earlier.

I was quite far in the beginning. But I was on the left site (Hide-zou's one)
 so it was not so bad.

Maybe I will skip the description of my feeling before the concert...
And then they appeared...
my eyes were wet and I was smiling in the same time...
all concert I was like that

I see them- appeared in my head and I still could not believe.
The same like on the day I got message from my friend that they will be in Europe.

The world has stopped.
All other people disappeared.
There was only me and D.
I was wearing wig, but that was not such problem.
I was screaming until my voice was lost.
I was jumping all the time and I did not feel any tiredness.

In the beginning I was standing in front of Tsunehito. 
I was never his fan. But I have to admit that he is absolutely charming.
The way he smiles, behaves. It was all over the top cute.
His eyes were too big. It looks almost unreal.
(not only lenses, he had to use eyelid glue or tapes for sure!).
And his fake eyelash has fallen off^^ 
Even his hairstyle I don't like was not such problem.
He made me just look at his face. And made me smile very widely. 

Then I was able to move even more on the left site
so now I was standing exactly in front of Hide-zou.
And I reached 3rd row and then even 2nd.
He was unapproachable like always.
His sight was cold and without an emotions.
But I was looking at him very intensively and perceived everything.
And the smallest gestures he made were cool. 
Every face expression.
The way he looks. And moves.
Yes I could definitely devote my life for him. 
Die for him.
I was screaming his name and I saw that he heard it.
Then I showed him a heart sign with my hands several times.
And I was able to have eye contact with him a few times.
I was feeling like floating on a cloud....
And he also came closer to us, squat down and we were able to touch his hair.
Yees hair. What can be better than touching jrocker's hair?!

How about the rest guys?
Hiroki was amazing.
He is much prettier in real. And new hairstyle suits him perfectly. 
And his drum solo made me *_*
(I was standing close to loudspeaker to I heard it way too loud XD)

Ruiza is a sweet doll. Exactly as I imagined. 
Blue laces, blond curls and dolly face. 
He behaved like a small child.
The way he smiled with his pretty teeth and showed his tongue 
was like from some kind of anime. 
And I was able to touch him two times XD
Once he was standing and we touched him everywhere. 
He even touched a few person by himself!!!
And second I caught his hand. I was really lucky because I directly caught his full hand 
(and it lasted a while before he was able to take it away XD 
but he looked at me with a smile and was not angry at all XD)

Tsunehito also allowed to touch him several times. 
Once he leaned in our direction.
A lot of hand landed on him.
I think that he even got scared for a while that he will not be able to escape.
Fangirls can be dangerous.

I am not sure if Asagi allowed to touch him, but I have not seen it.
It was very close a few times, but then he took his hand away T.T
And I had so many hope.. such behavior should be illegal...

Ok no now a few words about Asagi.
When looking at him my dream came before eyes:
yes, I would like to be his daughter.
He was... I can't find proper word.
His voice is even more ideal. And such strong.
All songs seemed much more powerful.
When he sang Yami no kuni no Arisu I almost cried.
And his whip.....
And his beautiful coat....
the way he was moving it...
(how they do it?
Normal people can't move in such way?!)
the way he touched and hugged all members....
And his appearance was unearthly...
I was feeling like having some kind of hallucination.
Half of his face.
Long hair.
Red eye.
White face.
And costume....
when I think about it now still my heart is pounding very fast...
And he said I love you in Polish.
It was quite funny because he used you in singular not plural <3
(Kocham Cię zamiast Kocham Was
Też Cię kocham Asagi < 3333)
Or maybe he wanted to make it sounds more individual?

Was that a dream? I can't believe it was a reality.....

Setlist was the same like in previous cities, but I am not sure about the order.
I enjoyed every song.
But I would like to listen to more 
(like Kitsunezuka, Snow white, Birth, Colosseo..)
but probably I would like to listen to almost all of them...
It lasted two hours.
Quite long but I was hoping for a second encore T.T

I am sure that I did not perceive all things...
Too many things escaped my notice..
I was staring at Hide-zou way too much...
I did not regret. He was worth it ^^

After the concert I still felt like dreaming.
I sat on the floor (what i never do! it's my rule)
and was almost prepared for dying.
I felt so satisfied.

But then there was a signing session.
I felt very nervous. 
But they were so nice that it went away in the moment I got closer to them.
Hiroki was smiling so broadly when I said to him that 
it was one of the best concert in my life.
And then cute Ruiza.
I could not stop staring at his pretty face.
And thanks to it I almost forgot to lend him a hand
(I did it when Asagi was signing my poster.
how silly< 3)
Then I lend my hand to Asagi 
and he was the only one I did not
touch during concert so now I felt fully satisfied.
I asked him to come back to Poland
and he said that they will be back for sure < 33333

And then was my beloved.
He was not smiling and looked like they made him 
sitting there without his will. 

I could see him from such close distance.
But instead of making me nervous it made me brave.
(too brave XD)
I just asked without thinking


Yes I was planning to say it before, but truly speaking
I did not believe that I will do it.
But now I said it without getting nervous at all XD
He looked at me a little confused and answered that it is not allowed etc
Not allowed is a good excuse for sure.
I am sure that Tsunehito would agree^^
It was still amazing, because I could look at his face longer
(I even saw powder on is face really well^^)
and then he lent me his hand by himself  and shook it.
It was so cute!
I felt a little regret in the beginning, but then I thought that it suits to his image.
This is the way Hide-zou is and such Hide I love♥♥♥

My signed poster:

And D tote bag:

We were waiting for them outside the club.
Hide-zou went first. Very quickly. Without even waving to us...
Then was the rest.
Of course Ruiza and Tsune enjoyed saying goodbye and waving the most
< 333

And then they disappeared in the bus. 
And the bus disappeared from my sight...

It was all finished.
I tried to make this report as official as possible.
Just facts not feelings so I hope it is not too fangirlish...

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  1. Lladia, kto sprowadził D do Polski? Bo już nie wiem, do kogo pisać, staram się poruszyć niebo i ziemię, żeby Gackto sprowadzić do Polski...

  2. Nie wiem kto... ALe kocham go za to XD