czwartek, 26 lipca 2012

An "old photo" and some new stuff

Yesterday I went to drink a tea with Lolita
from different city who was visiting Cracow^^
Such a nice tea house,
but a light was bad and the quality of a photo sucks
so I turned it into an old one XD

I like how the photo looks like
"I will show you the photo of my grandma when she was young" XD

Here is a better pic to show my outfit.

Now time for new things^^

The first- the cutest birthday present from my friend^^
Bunny moist mist ^^
I can not wait to use it ^^

And some other stuff.
Cameo bracelet
(after reading Blackwood Farm
I am always in a mood for cameo)


Chanel Platinum Egoiste deodorant
(well it landed in my hands by chance XD)

And Korean towel.

Anybody knows Korean 
and can translate it for me?

1 komentarz:

  1. Niestety nie znam koreańskiego,żeby CI przetłumaczyć:-(Prezenty ładne najbardziej podoba mi się bransoletka i perfumy;-)