sobota, 19 maja 2012


I would like to write about Shokuzai today.
I do not watch any drama lately,
but my friend told me about this one, because she knows about my interest in dolls.
In fact I stopped watching next episodes, 
but the first one is definitely worth attention.

I omit the main plot and write only about the doll motif.
Sae is already an adult, but she refuses to be a grown-up woman.. 
Takahiro has no interest in humans and all his attention is focused on dolls
which he used to steal.
One day he stole a perfect doll.
And doll's owner was even more perfect.
He saw her as a human doll. 

Then he asks Sae to be his doll.
Is not it a good way to escape from being an adult?
Is not it a reason why dolls fascinate us so much?
They will stay as they are forever. Unchanged. 
No matter how old they are. 
Even dolls from your grandma, older than you, will be still the same.
They can get dirty and broken, but beside it you will see this girly face. 

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