wtorek, 1 maja 2012

D concert

Yes I know it is a high time to write a report...
it is more than a week,
but I am really not in a mood for...
It is so strange...
before the concert, the concert and after the concert...
I was excited, but I could be more ...
and then suddenly it was over...
and I just came back home..
specially that it was in Cracow
just half an hour...
and all was over.

Maybe photos.
My outfit:
Finally I was wearing Friend Kumya-chan jsk.
Last year it arrived one day too late

(photo by Zela)

What I put on my head.

People from our
Polish Versailles forum

With Imaginary:

And Kira:

Of course I know that the gig was amazing, 
but still when I compare it to emotions from last year....
It is all his fault...
and he is so proud of himself!
I know it!
Lestat you devil!
I was even reading book before the concert.
Even when I was listening to Asagi singing 
on a rehearsal.
BTW it was amazing to read when listening to Asagi's voiceXD

I was standing on the side
and admiring the all performance.
Of course when you are not in the crowd 
you are more like a viewer that a participant.
I got excited when I saw them
(screaming jumping...),
but then I just got rooted to the spot.
Oh.. so beautiful- sigh
Specially on Yami yori kurai, Yami no Kuni no Arisu....

But after this concert I know that 
I am not so fangirlish anymore.
When I touched their hands 
I was just thinking that they are sweaty!

But at least: no post-concert depression!
Not at all!
And after the gig
I did not feel like dying!

(I had permission to take pics)

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  1. O.O D concert!! You look pretty :3

  2. Aaa chłopaki uuu.Zazdroszczę:-)