środa, 10 sierpnia 2011

Dante with Gackt's voice

I planned to watch all Sket dance,
but I get bored after the 1st episode 
(so schematic...)
and jumped to 15th episode
where Dante appears.
He is created 
in very stereotypical way,
but I have to admit that I fell for him
from the first sight.

He is a visual kei musician
and as you know he has Gackt's voice♥ 
But if you want to watch it just for Gackt's voice
you will be disappointed.
Dante is a very shy type
and he speaks very rarely.
But this is exactly his appeal!
As I said the image is very stereotypical.
Dante, or rather Date...
introduces himself as

He has not only vk appearance
(black-violet spiky hair, make-up,
painted nails, jewelry etc),
but also vk behavior.
He usually expresses himself 
in one strange word which
is difficult to understand.  
He makes this typical vk poses
which seem so cool for us fans,
but strange and annoying for the others.

How sweet he blushes♥

On a stage he is an 
absolutely different human.
Self-confident and powerful.

BTW it is really funny
that such stereotypes still exist XD
Anyway Dante is really kakkoi.
Mana's custom of not speaking,
together with Gackt's voice
and in fact he looks like Kisaki in my opinion. 

Manga's author admitted
that Gackt was an inspiration for Dante^^ 

I want all anime
with such character!!!
Here you can listen to a song
which Dante sung 
on School rock festival in anime.
In September full version
will be revealed. 
Can't wait♥

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