sobota, 14 kwietnia 2012

Lviv chocolate factory!

Yesterday was Friday the 13th
and it started badly...
I mixed up the time of my lecture and woke up much too early....
But I used it properly... to glue my eyelashes XD
Here is the effect^^

But then the day was going better with every minute^^
Our magazine Kakusei Wave
I am so excited all day because of it ^^ 

Then I met with my friends from High School  <333

We went to the newly opened cafe next to Lviv chocolate factory.
Let me tell more about it.
It is the first factory like that in Poland.

Since Medieval Times Lviv has been well known for its “delicious confectionery” 
and starting from 19th century Europe began exporting chocolate from Lviv.
Such an advert, but the shop is worth it.
So fairy tale like^^
And yummy! 
I have to be careful!
I passed by the shop every day!

Bye bye
No way, I go to eat chocolate XD

3 komentarze:

  1. Mniaaaaam! :)

    zapraszam do mnie :')

  2. Czekolada:) i już się rozmarzyłam.Mniam...

  3. Jejku... To miejsce wygląda, jak mój wyśniony raj! Chcę tam iść!