środa, 23 listopada 2011

Kira and Kitsu-chan came to Cracow^^

This week is going quite good^^
Of course that I am still thinking about.. one thing,
but anyway I feel like having more will to fight for it^^
And even for more^^
Kira and Ayame: thank you^^
we will do it together
and 22th May 2014 will come^^

Today was specially good^^
Kira and Kitsune visited us ^^

In fact Kenroh had no idea that they will come.
It was going to be a surprise.
Kira called me maaany times, but in fact
my phone was muted... like always
so she finally called Kenroh
and asked for me.....
Such failXD
But in fact we were able to keep the secret until the end XD

I had too many lectures...
but still I was able to spend some time with them^^
We took pics and talked
in front of my classroom.
My teacher saw it, but still
I insolently was late for the lecture XD
(And I was even going to present a paper today..
I almost lost it XD)

Priceless time^^
Taking body measurements 
(we need them for ... you will know one dayXD)
in a campus's toilet was really funnyXD

We took some pics.
(Kira did not want any pics T.T)

I ended my day with making an order in bodyline
(free shipping yay <3) ^^
Happy ^^

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