środa, 30 listopada 2011

Loli Interview

Today was a looong day.
And I wore my new RHS for the first time.
It was not a good idea....
specially today when I was walking a lot...
but would somebody be able to restrain a temptation
of wearing new shoes?

Here is my outfit from today^^

The picture was taken by my friend 
who made an interview with me today
about being lolita for her project at the university.
They talk with some polish lolis 
trying to find a general motivation for wearing lolita.

The place of an interview was really magical.
Darkness with a small lamp
on a desk in front of which we were sitting. 
Everywhere were paints and different things 
for decoration. 
Just like an image from a book or a movie.
Talking in such atmosphere about lolita 
was really amazing^^ 

2 komentarze:

  1. Świetny strój! Jest uroczy, ale nie za słodki.
    Czerń dobrze równoważy róż.
    Fajnie, że miło spędziłaś czas ^^