sobota, 26 listopada 2011

My first academic conference

Today I took part in my first academic conference.
A general topic was about cultural aspects of a sensual sphere.
Here in a link
Of course I was a little nervous, but at least 
I was talking about a topic (kawaii aesthetic)  that I am really interested in
and I am happy that some people told me later 
that it was interesting.
One guy said that it was like different world for him.

General many papers were good 
and an atmosphere was really informal....
and cakes <3

Of course I was wearing loli^^
Kenroh was talking about motorcycles.
Her outfit also suited well to her topic^^

Our gloves lol XD
Love this pic*_*
It shows how different we are,
but is spite of it we can be good friends XD
Even people on conference laughed at it XD

Here is me outside a restaurant
where we ate dinners.

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  1. ur outfit is rly cute!
    And I know this difference too!
    I have a best friend too, wich like more black as rosa nd such cute colors xDD