czwartek, 10 listopada 2011

Once there was a king...

I do not really know what is going on in this week.
Almost all lectures were cancelled. A lot of time... to waste XD
Anyway I try to find myself something to do.
Today my friend taught me how to play go.
He is really good at it and of course he won every time,
but in the end at least I was able to control some territories XD

BTW Blood Stain Child concert was cancelled...
I am not such big fan, but in fact
I expected it....
Now I do not have any concerts on my list
until the end of the year and even longer...
I hope some announcements will be made soon...
I want to get excited again and not just
spend all my time missing someone..

Anyway today I want to share
one of my favorite songs from childhood.
I always have tears in my eyes when I hear it.

Once There Was a King from Tytus Majerski on Vimeo.

I had no idea that such video was made
to this song!!!

I think that this story suits perfectly
to the aesthetics I prefer.
It seems so sweet and fairy-tale like
with a king, a page and a princess.
There is a castle and roses.
But then a tragedy happens.
And you are still not sure what it really means...
Sweet cane, a gingerbread and a marzipan?
After hearing it you feel completely lost.
And the interpretation from this video is specially dark.

I remember that when I was a child I hated animals-shaped chocolate
(I still hate when my grandma buys me Santa Claus for Xmas
or bunnies for Easter...)
it is so strange to eat it...
and I always think about this song then...

I love such sweet-bitter stories...
I think this is exactly the reason why I love Lolita Fashion.
It also lies on a boundary.
Sweetness and innocence
with a little darkness and morbidity.
Cute doll with a dark soul.

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  1. Kojarzę tę piosenkę, ale nie słyszałam tej wersji, bardzo ładna i klimatyczna.