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The black bird

When I was in a library last time 
I found this book just by chance.
White cover with a black bird on it
had something intriguing that wanted me to enter the story.
There was not almost any text.
Just black-white lithographic prints. 
 The black bird by Suzy Lee

I prefer sophisticated aesthetics.
Full of gold, frills and many decorations.
But this is exactly the reason why such severe prints
have always strong impact on me.
More I love splendor
 more I feel deep sadness and loneliness in such art.
The text on this page says
I want to cry
A small girl lost in the world.
She does not understand anything
and feels left behind.
Then she meets the black bird.
And he takes her into the journey.
And even when the trip is over,
the girl still feels much better.
This is because she has her secret.
She has something precious inside.
And it is always with her.

Suzy Lee has used the Korean word
goyo (tranquility) to describe her art.

When I Iie on my back, on water, with my ears submerged, 
I can hear the filtered sounds and noises as if they're coming from far away. 
That makes me feel like I am in the middle of nowhere, 
alone, isolated from the world. In that state, 
I can sense even the movement of a very quiet water-strider. 

After reading this story you know
that tranquility is exactly what appeared in the girl
after her journey with the black bird.

By the way Suzy Lee has also written a book
inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Is not the girl and the black bird's journey 
somehow similar to Alice and the white rabbit's one? 

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