wtorek, 20 września 2011

Lareine, Takarazuka and dentists

I can not stop thinking about charity live in which
Kamijo sang X-Japan and Lareine songs. 
I would dream to hear his current voice with old Lareine songs....
I just can not imagine it.... 
Specially Metamorphose
 I adore it so badly!

Next thing is Alice in Takarazuka.
I really love Takarazuka and 
seeing Alice there would be like a dream. 
Story seems to be modified in an interesting way. 

When he (Lewis Carrol) meets a girl named Alice 
who wanders in from the real world, 
they must take part in a battle between dreams and reality

These two events in which 
I can not take a part made me sad...

Additionally I went for a dentist today...
When I was younger I was not afraid of pain..
they were always praising me for being brave..
not anymore.
I always take a local anaesthetic.
I do not want to be strong.
I want to live far from any pain.
I want to live being surrounded only by sweet and pleasant things.
People will say that pain will make you strong.
Sorry I do not understand this logic. 

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