sobota, 10 września 2011

My mom gave me... sweets!

I am watching K-On now!^^
It is impossible to watch it without cakes and tea...
(yes it will make me fat without a doubt...)
And today my mom has finally come back home for holidays
(I have not seen her for so long time T.T)
and she gave me big pack full of cakes and chocolates. 
Just like that:

In fact I received much more presents <333
Like always tons of Kitty-chan ^^

Buying me Kitty is the safest way,
because I am always happy with it.
But of course I received much more^^

Like a pink biscuit <3

Okay. Maybe I will better stop spamming.
There is so many things^^

For the end my photo from today taken by my mom by surprise ^^
I wear a sleeved blanket which was also a present.
It should be worn with its opening in a back
So warm <3

3 komentarze:

  1. Jak prześlicznie i różowo :-)

  2. Ale fajne rzeczy :D
    I ile słodyczy mniam aż mi się jeść zachciało.
    Masz zamiar wszamać to sama ? xP

  3. Zapewne z rodziną, ale i tak na dłuuugo mi starczyXD