czwartek, 29 września 2011

Fluttershy, Gackt and Rainbow lollipops

I met with my friends today^^
Well, I received a present again...

A badge with Fluttershy!
Too loud?

Paper craft Gackt <333
He is perfect *__*
My friend is so talented^^

Pink pen 
as a new Aoi Radio's reporter

And chocolate
(this white strawberry one is way too tasty...)

I dressed my friends in loli
*Spike's evil laugh*
what is specially funny because both of them
love black and trousers XD
I took many pics so I will upload them tomorrow^^

Then we went to Ciuciu (again)
for candies show^^

Today they made
rainbow candies and lolis!

Just a coincidence, but well very funny one XD
Rainbow Dash!!!!!!!!
Nyan cat
and other things that come on you mind XD
They were still hot when we were eating them^^

The last part of our meeting
was the worst...
I hate puzzles...
they make me sleepy..
But at least they were pink
with Kitty-chan^^

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  1. how col Lollies!
    Haha~ I'm excited how they look with Lolita outfit if ur friends just wearing black! XDD