poniedziałek, 26 września 2011

Kitty, ponies, Usakumya on a motor and...

Finally some pics from yesterday^^
Maybe let's start with a present from my friend.
It was such a surprise! 

Everything was packed in Kitty-chan's bag.

A postcard with the cutest wishes<333
( I will read it whenever I am sad!)

Then two necklaces <3

And butterfly scarf

Kitty stickers

a small box for candy?

In fact a hand watch ^^

with hidden candies box

And ponies!!!!!!!


Small Pinkie Pie <3
I can wear it in my bag ^^

Rainbow Dash and Feathermay

I spent so nice day!
In early morning my mom went back to Holland
and after it I always finish crying,
but this time thanks to my friends 
it did not happen.
Thank you <3

We were hanging out in the city
of course went to Ciuciu (candy shop) again!

Here is Kira outside Ciuciu ^^ 

Then we went home and...
I dressed her in loli^^

We watched Versailles concert 
and ... only one pony episode.
Eh, but in fact making Kenroh watching even one episode of ponies
is quite impressing.
I am proud of myself XD

Then Lillie Charlotte 
was riding a Kenroh's motorbike.

Well just Kenroh with Usakumya on her head XD

Long post...
Thanks for looking!

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