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Sleeping beauty, Maleficent and ballet

Finally I went to see Maleficent.
I wanted to do it earlier,
but it was going to be a reward after completing
all school duties.
I planned to wear
Aurora-inspired outfit:
a blond wig, pink (or blue, but I still opt for pink
if you know what I mean xD) dress etc., but
the hot weather (and rain)
was against me so I chose
my fav non-lolita outfit.
Perfect for hot days.

It was a little ballet inspired.

This skirt looks ballet-like and also socks match it very well.


Ballet-shoes earrings

And ballerina necklace

When I think about it now,
it was even a better choice than "Aurora's cosplay".
I can not even consider Sleeping beauty idea
without the ballet-connotations.
Ballet adaptations will always be my favourite.
Whenever I think about the image of princess
sleeping among roses on a silk-covered bed
I hear the yearning sounds
of Tchaikovsky music.

Only taken it together I can fully experience this story.
As you probably remember
his music was also used in Disney's adaptation.

And I was going to write about Maleficent
and as always I simply followed my own path ...
Anyway I have nothing against such fairy tales reinterpretations.
I quietly enjoyed it 
as developing the character of the bad witch
(and being able not to lose the fairy, naive and escapist atmosphere!)
was something that seemed absolutely natural
and was strongly needed in the nowadays popculture.

Sudden revelations and naive lands-
that is what I look for in tales.
Simplicity can be the best escape.
But this simplicity should have dark cracks
which give it the strong primitive and
purgatory power.
The vision of Sleeping Beauty
being already dead
after the Prince's arrival
is something always present in my mind.
Her dead body among roses
and the Prince dancing his lonely anti- wedding pas de deux
in her chamber is so appealing..OMG so much!
Such an awful beauty.
Aesthetic pain.
Yeah dancing..
here we come to ballet once again.

With David Hallberg as the Prince.

The prince is never going to come. 
Everyone knows that; and maybe sleeping beauty's dead.
The Vampire Lestat

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  1. Pięknie wyglądasz! Ostatnio polubiłam białe sukienki i spódniczki, i najchętniej w takich bym chodziła, ale w deszczowe dni staje się to nieco kłopotliwe [łatwo jest się wybrudzić] a na brak deszczu nie mogę narzekać...

  2. Dziękuję! Hmm to prawda, ale ciężko się powstrzymać od jasnych kolorów w czasie lata :)