sobota, 26 lipca 2014

Books, food, kanji and ballet

I am just in the mood for a spam :3
As I have holidays I can afford it :3

Hate going outside..
too hot for me

Summer can you just end, please?

But holidays can continue of course!
As far as I remember I have not written here
that I successfully defended my 2nd master thesis
in culture management
(with honours again)
and I can spend my holidays on other things.

This is an inscription.
I dedicated my thesis about The Krakow Opera for
my fav local tenor :3
As my admiration for his performance of Don Jose in "Carmen"
was the beginning of all opera love and adventure 
he was worth it<3

Unfortunately the season of Opera is now over
so I have to wait long long time
before the next performance.
It seems significant that the last performance in our Opera
for this season
was kabuki theater.
The next I will see after the return from Japan...
Significant or maybe I pay too much attention
to small details ;)

My outfit from this day

What else to do during holidays?
Books :3

Only tasty pieces
like you see :3

And food
Those pics taken on a small party
with Imaginary

(Sorry I could not resist the temptation
to post the last one... :D )

If it comes about dinners
lately I am in the mood for pancakes

like Zucchini pancakes
with tzatziki sauce

or with fresh fruits

Vegetarian fast food?
So proud of my "hot dog"!
I mean omelette
with a soy sausage and the set of salads :D

Food, books and... Japanese and ballet.
Japan Foundation has
already sent me the test to solve..
It motivated me to start the revision.

Generally kanji..
I need to practice kanji
as I have problems with writing them...

I also took part
in ballet workshops.

How excited I was!
We were doing quite difficult stuff
and I learned my first choreography :3
Having classes everyday is so different!
It does not even matter that my toes
are scuffed and ankles swollen
(and progress is slow).
It was so challenging!
Ballet slowly teaches me to control my own body
and generally overcome weaknesses and fears.
It takes my power, but offers
me beauty and strength instead.

Somehow I start to think that learning
ballet and kanji
is somehow similar.
You have to exercise everyday,
you have to strive for perfection,
you feel worn out, do it wrong,
feel like giving up
but start it once again.
Even though I am not able
to admire kanji as much as ballet
still they are both enchanting.
I even started to imagine
learning kanji
like a kind of dancing on the paper.
As I learn kanji from imiwa (IOS app)
I spend time looking on the screen
when kanji are written stroke by stroke-
they dance themselves on my eyes.

Kanji develop themselves over time
(the order of strokes is important)
so it sounds like a kind of dance xD
What is the music?
Maybe finding the answer would be the way
to finally remember them!
Hahah sorry for all this babbling Xd

I remember that I read somewhere
(and those words stuck in my head)
be like one of those ballet girls,
have discipline.
And yes- this is definitely what ballet teaches you.
Kanji do the same.

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