czwartek, 10 lipca 2014

Mountains and Dixit

I would like to post a few pics
from our PhD trip.
As I rarely visit mountains
the pics are really worth the attention xD
Yes, I do like mountains,
but long walks.. well..
it is not about getting tired
(ballet is much more tiring),
but probably about getting dirty,
worms and moths
(yes, maybe moths are the strongest argument).

Anyway the view from our cottage.

Swing :3

The cottage was surrounded
by animals e.g fallow deers <3

We played one really amazing game!
I am not really fond of games,
but this one <3

It is called Dixit-
you play cards,
but how gorgeous these cards are.
Like straightly from fairy tales.
I would bough them just to write stories about them <3
It really moves your imagination
and playing such a game
when being surrounded by mountains
I will keep on the shelf of dear memories.


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