środa, 16 lipca 2014

Angels and street theaters

The same like last year
this year as well
I attended the
Festival of Street Theaters.
Oh dear,
already one year has gone?
But something does not change.
The same like last year
I attended it together with Imaginary :3

The same like last year
I was able to find a starting point
to daydream about old times
and travelling theaters
which arrive to every village and city
gathering crowds.

The first performance I saw was fairy tale- inspired.
Different tales- even Andersen's red shoes appeared!
Most hilarious?
The Prince on white... Vespa :D
Because white horse is so overrated :DDD

For the end of Festival
angels' arrival was prepared.
Closely it looked trashy and ridiculous,
but from afar quite impressive.
Specially on the background of Cracow Town Hall Tower :3

Bye bye
I go back to my Tracy Chevalier's Fallen angels :3

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