sobota, 5 lipca 2014

Nostalgic violin sounds

So The Krakow Opera decided to show Fiddler on the roof.
What is the most important it was performed in the open air.
As I perceive open spaces as the main way
to really open opera-
to make it more popular
and less highbrow
I was even more excited.
Especially that I really do love this musical.

This pic was taken
in Jewish-stylized cafe
before the performance.

The scenery was perfect.
It was not only situated in Jewish district,
but also in former municipal gaswork.
I dare to say that better scenery can not be found.

I am not objective
as I truly love this musical
and I was simply excited by every piece,
but still I think that Opera really did a good job this time.
It was humorous, but still kept in a proper atmosphere
with a hint of nostalgia.
Nostalgia for Jews who USED TO live here.
It reminded me about the campaign
"I miss you Jew"
when people were writing this sign
in places when Jews USED TO be present.
Such a thought was strongly expressed here as well
making it bitter-sweet in its taste.

As I saw the movie countless time
in the childhood
my personal nostalgia
followed the path.
As in the childhood
still now I had tears in my eyes

but some things do not change.

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