poniedziałek, 29 lipca 2013

Too lazy, too warm to write more ambitious entry

One of this lazy posts I sometimes write.
Fits well for the warm (such an euphemism...) day we have today~
I will write about something that sticks in my head strongly,
but not today...

Quiet days consisting of cooking

(I've just started learning so it is not always perfect,
but such a fun :3)
Gnocchi with spinach and soya goulash
+a cheesecake with a jelly topping, bananas and chocolate
(my oven is broken so the only cake I can make))

Trying new cosmetics and masks
(it will finish badly for my sensitive skin..)

(This BB cream has the prettiest 
package so far *.*)

And reading

Sounds cool, right?
In fact it's not that exactly..
too hot, too sad and still work from time to time
and.. . a project I will not reveal now
(because it can finish with a failure xD).

Take care~

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