niedziela, 7 lipca 2013

Images from life

Oh, I haven't written for so long...
such a chaos in my head...
so this time a few images from the last period 
just some flashes
to keep the proper order here.
Art, cafe, friends, walks.
Let's drown everything in pleasures.
Oh such a quaintrelle life!

Harpsichord concert :3
Such a relief for my tired heart. 
Oh, I love chamber concerts so much. 
They really have the atmosphere which
makes you forget about the place and time 
you are in.

I really liked my outfit from this day,
but unfortunately the pic quality sucks...

Cafe, chocolate and little shopping :3

I went to a cafe with my uni friend from Taiwan.
Eating farewell cake before the holidays :3

Take a look how beautiful Mucha notebook I received :)

My outfit

The other day I went to see the spectacle 
Boat for dolls
based on Milena Markovic's play.

before the spectacle

My outfit

Boat for dolls tells
a story about a girl who leaves her house
as a teenager and finally she becomes an artist.
It is based on different fairy tales
which motifs are used to show stages of her life.
But here fairy tales are vulgar, dirty,
painfully mixed with life.
They leave the character broken.
The only hope for her is to be taken on a boat for dolls.
The boat is a memory from her childhood-
her father was making it for toys that were destroyed,
but she didn't want to throw them up.
Thanks to the boat they could be taken to the King of Bears
or Queen of Dolls and then be reborn.
This is the only hope for the main character.
Her inner Alice, Snow White, Goldilocks...
they are all ruined and worn-out.
Where is the boat waiting?

Well maybe the story wasn't very original
and sometimes was simply too vulgar and to exaggerated,
but it was really impressive.
Specially when watched in a theater looking like a basement
with two rows of people
when actors are so close that you can catch an eye-contact with them.
The story will never leave me, I suppose. 

The Ballet Gala
This year the weather was perfect 
so finally the Gala took place 
on the Wawel courtyard.

Before it we went to a cafe.
I absolutely love this one:
it is stylized on XIX century.

My full outfit.
I specially put these socks and RHS
to look more ballet-like. 

And my friend

Here is the pic of the courtyard
during the intermission.

This year's gala was mostly concentrated
on the modern ballet
which I am not a big fan
(I have a very traditional taste as you guess),
but one performance really touched me deeply.
It was called Green
and was danced by Polish National Ballet.

You can watch the part here.
Bach's music joined with a dramatic and senseless trial
of overcoming a majestic power.
Name the power as you want:
God, destiny, unfulfilled love...
the fight looks always the same.
Pitiful? Maybe,
but still breathtakingly appealing.

Wawel at night

Next thing?
Not so serious.
GACKT Bday celebration :3
Magnums (xD), Desperados in pink cups (sic!)
and watching concerts.

For the end I should write about the last opera
in this season.
It was Rigoletto.
I had to admit that I wasn't excited in the beginning,
but in the end ... oh yes in the end!
Thunderstorm, rain, night phantoms
and the death of an innocent girl.
And then imagine coming outside the opera
to meet with an almost unbelievable big storm and rain.
The perfectly aesthetic image.
and the proper ending of the season.

Let it be everything for now.
Thanks for looking ^_^

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  1. Przyznam, że na Boat of dolls sama z chęcią bym się wybrała - chociaż nie przepadam za turpizmem współczesnego teatru, to przedstawienie brzmi jak coś w moim typie!