środa, 26 czerwca 2013

Eugene Onegin

Oh, lately I write so unregularly
and when I do it's mostly about opera.
and this time again.
I am becoming boring.

(my pink flowery outfit suited to a weather,
but definitely not to the presented story)

On Friday I saw the best one so far:
Eugene Onegin.
 Musically Il trovatore was much better,
but Onegin touched my more deeply. 
In trovatore, Tosca and the majority of operas
end with death.
Therefore it is dramatic then it is still beautiful
(calling it awful beauty)
here you can find only emptiness and helplessness.
Everything is slowly melting.
In the beginning the scenography consists of ice.
In the end there is only water.
In water lies lots of  books.
They are wet and broken.
Maybe you could turn a water into ice again,
but there is nothing more you can do with wet books.
Just throw them away. 

My beloved aria here

Today I also watch the Onegin movie from 1999.
I can not even objectively say if I like it..
I am into this story too much now. 

Opera, movie and Pushin's novel.

Dreaming herself the heroine
Of the books, she preferred.

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