środa, 19 czerwca 2013

Three operas in one week

Oh, such an amazing time behind me ~
Three operas in one week...
in the middle of exams' session :D 
So many things is going on lately that I am rather unsure 
how I even feel ;) 

Anyway three operas :D

Il trovatore
was the 1st one.
I was able to see the dress rehearsal as well
so the same opera twice
(but with different cast :3 )
Scenography was very simply,
costumes weren't able to catch my eye at all...
but music was reigning on the stage,
overwhelming everything. 
Almost all plot was taking place at night.
Dark colours, simplicity and this music *.*
(I haven't heard more musically beautiful opera than this one)
which becomes the part of you .
Your emotions are finally completely blended with it.
And... Małgorzata Walewska
as Azucena *.*
It was my first time seeing her on the stage
and I was speechless.
Her presence is outshining everything *.*

No pics from this opera
as I went there straightly from work and school.
I love Traviata, but this version 
was modernized.
Its courtly charm was gone.
It became too vulgar, straight...
and even my favourite opera singer was not able to help.
Maybe the last part was something that touched my deeper:
dying Violetta was the main point on the stage 
and the rest lost its meaning.

Orpheus and Eurydice
Ballet- opera based on Gluck's music
Just a dancing poetry
which you are not able to concentrate on,
you just feel it and then
after going out from the opera
you know that a long time will have to pass before
you will be able to leave all this emotions behind.
Oh, life what for do I need you!
I want to live poetry, love and magic!

Wearing my Marie Antoinette jsk
for the first time :3
Perfect choice as she was Gluck's pupil!

For the end some pics from a Verdi exhibition.
Opera posters :3
It's organised because of 200 years since Verdi's birthday.

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