czwartek, 6 czerwca 2013

Children's Day

Some pics from the Children's Day :3

I felt a little nervous as I was helping in the Opera 
on this day, but it went smoothly and with a big pleasure.
Playing with kids, showing them different hats, masks
and seeing their smiles when they are enjoying being someone else
for a moment was really charming.

Pic from the Opera site

My outfit
I know shoes don't suit,
but they were matched with a headdress
which I finally exchanged with this gorgeous opera hat.

When kids were on a spectacle
we had time to play as well! 
I have to many amazing pics so just a few :3

After leaving the Opera 
I had finally time to celebrate Children's Day with my friend :D

So lollipops and ponies :D

My inner kid feels embraced and loved :3

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