czwartek, 27 września 2012

A manor house and Ad libitum concert

Such stressful time lately...
and what is worse I had problems with the Internet
so here are photos from a Sunday's concert.

The concert took place in a manor house from XVIII century
of Czecz family
(Dworek Czeczów)
which is now used as a cultural center.

And inside
in the ball room

Before the concert

Here is the band called
Ad libitum

They started with some Spanish melodies from XVIII century,
then went to XIX century including Chopin's songs,
added Manuel Ponce and some opera and operetta parts
and finished the mix with musicals. 

Sad and nostalgic moments
were mixed with humorous ones.
But above all harpsichord.
What more?
Duet for harpsichord and guitar!

Seems like I am getting more and more addicted to
harpsichord's sounds.
Soothing for my soul.

Here is my outfit from this day


Yes, my hair is red again
(photo unedited to show the color better)

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